New Orleans - Louisiana
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The largest city in the state of Louisiana is New Orleans. The State capitol, Baton Rouge, is situated just west of lake Pontchartain – an inland Delta connected to the Gulf of Mexico. Baton Rouge, just west is know as Hollywood South. There is a large film industry in the city and the area is well associated with the art of filmmaking.

The State was named after King Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, who was cousins with Charles II of England. When this land was originally claimed, as part of the French Colonial Empire, it stretched all the way North to Canada, a distance of roughly 1400 miles.

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Kisatchie National Forest
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View of New Orleans from river boat

The commercial port of South Louisiana is one of the largest in America, and is situated between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Fishing is popular in Louisiana, with many communities dotted along the coast from -

- Lake Sabine in the West, to Slidell on the East. Crawfish is common here, with a diverse selection of seafood adding to the many coastal restaurants. There are many navigable waterways in the State and water related activities are many and varied, ranging from pleasure craft to commercial concerns working such things like oil platforms out at sea.

Points of interest & Museums
Sam Rayburn Dam
Lake Sabine
Avery Island
Louisiana Bayou
Louisiana State Museum
Old State Capitol
New Orleans Museum of Art

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