The Horizon Trap

~ Back Cover - Intro ~

After hacking into one of the world's leading communications giants, on the week their quantum internet goes live, for the hackers things start to go wrong.

Hoping to evade capture by the FBI, the hackers take to the road, but with the net tightening in around them, handling the secrets they discovered falls to just one man.

Finley is now all alone. Removed from the life he once knew, a series of progressive visions guide his journey through the unknown. Matters are beyond his control, they appear to be beyond anybody's control, until his capture changes everything.

180 x 110 x 18 mm - standard size font
The Horizon Trap, a mystery scifi thriller is set in present day America. The internet receives an
upgrade. Wireless is entering the realm of deep science, and with it, speculation is on the rise.
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     The horizon trap -  

Darius looked up at the screen and then to the assembled team, nodding to Igor again.
"Here is England, and here we are," Igor began, symbols on the screen indicating the things he talked about. "The distance between these two points, some three thousand seven hundred miles is about to be reduced to zero."
"Not actually, of course," Darius grinned. "Some of you," he said, and Kim felt his eyes lingering on hers for a second, "have asked why, , ,

     The horizon trap -

She had spent what felt like hours last night trying to see the things that Finley had said he'd seen, but for her there was nothing but green clouds. "But you said-"
Scott placed a hand on her shoulder, still watching the road intently. "If Finley says he can't be sure, then he isn't sure. Whatever he said yesterday was said in the heat of the moment, right?"
"Right," she agreed. "But-"
"Now think back to other things Finley has said."
Sue was about to argue again, but then she did as Scott suggested. She remembered Finley telling her that her mailman looked like Mr. Magoo and wondering if he would deliver a note to Bugs Bunny. Finley arguing that there was no way to know for certain that gravity was a constant force, since it could be acting up "when no one is looking." Finley deciding to eat breakfast in alphabetical order, just to see if it was tastier that way. And she started to giggle. "I'm sorry, Fin," she said, trying not to burst into laughter as Scott gave her a grin. Then she failed and Scott joined her. She grinned back at Finley who just looked back and forth between them.
"Apology accepted," he said. "Now have Scott pay attention to where we are going. Last time he laughed this much while driving, he missed an exit and we ended up in Atlantic City."

     The horizon trap -

The strip mall he had chosen was on the outskirts of town and closed early, so it would be more or less empty at the time he intended for the meeting. One side of the parking lot ended at a lightly wooded slope, at the bottom of which there was a bike path leading into town. It wasn't really suitable for cars, but with wheels filled with puncture repair foam, he was pretty sure the Chevy would survive both the slope and the dirt track; as for the stubborn cyclist he might encounter, well, Finley thought, One thing at once.
Making a mental note of the best place to wait on the car park, he made the call to Sytek.