Lost And Found

~ Back Cover - Intro ~

Denis had an unusual windfall. It arrived out of the blue, leaving an impact crater on what was otherwise an ordinary life.

Soon after, with the best will in the world, Laura shows up. She had to warn him: she had to tell the stranger about the dangers.

As Denis and older brother Chris made plans for their futures, the relentless pace of change moved on with other ideas. Maybe all of them should have known better, seeing the consequences of their actions ahead of time; instead of bothering to chase after dreams.

180 x 110 x 12mm - larger size font
Lost And Found is an action thriller set in England. It follows the exploits of three
people hoping to claw back what they have lost after unexpected events.

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     Lost and found - 

Laura hung around on the country lane for almost six hours. It took six long hours for her to finally accept the reality of another cruel episode. In the end she prayed her engine might not start so she would be forced to spend a night on the lane, and awake to find Mike was leaning against the gatepost with his scrunched up parachute beneath his arm; smiling at her reassuringly.
With the onset of evening shadows, though, and nearby woods filling with noisy crows, came the urge to move on. There was tenacity in Laura, right now, right in the midst of such deep despair, she could barley find enough strength to wish the birds away.

     Lost and found -

Through a lasting shockwave of stares and whispers, Chris traced his own silent path out; ignoring the laughter aimed his way from Deane’s side of the room. It was odd to hear the prevailing noise of pots rattle from the kitchen; something as mundane as that had no right to be jarringly prominent.
After settling the bill, Chris apologised, wasting no time to join Laura in the pickup. He imagined he might find her shaken; but this was not so. Instead she was focused, buoyant, eager to know if the incident had looked convincing; like teasing secrets about her performance was the real conversation she wanted to have.

     Lost and found -

Denis was riding high from his daring escapades. His mind wandered, this time to the topic of physics. He was trying to figure out, much to Chris’ irritation, why the relationship with scale plays funny tricks on the eye.
“From up here, things look so strange down there.” He said. “It’s like objects at street level move in slow motion - like they’re locked in another timeframe.”
This paradox, Denis duly declared, had mainstream science baffled. He seemed to think a scientific explanation for this effect was wide of the mark; and well it might have been discussed had Chris not had other things bothering him.
“Yeah brilliant, Denis. Tell you what, I’ll throw your name in the hat for next years Nobel prize. In the mean time, get your arse into gear.” He said, flicking his thumb in the direction of the corridor.