Los Angeles California  View of Downtown early morning

Situated on the West coast, Los Angeles is a vast sprawling metropolis divided into the San Fernando and Crescenta valley’s, the harbour district, downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, North East Los Angeles and East Los Angeles – plus Greater Hollywood, Wilshire and Westside. However these areas are merely a generalization, for historically the city is divided into far more numerous neighbourhoods and districts to list. The city of LA, its administration and services, constitute what could rightly be described as a colossal mega region of urbanisation.

In 1876 the Southern Pacific railroad was completed. Soon after the discovery of oil heralded the beginning of California becoming a major contributor to Americas modern day petroleum industry (which is said to account for over a quarter of the earths oil related productivity output) This is truly a vast place, and considering some forecasts suggesting the shale oil minefields might stretch the entire North South line of the United Stares, California seems set to lead the way here too. California is to oil production what Hollywood is to the film industry, of course another of the states leading activities.

The city has hosted the Olympic games twice. First was in the summer of 1923, secondly was in 1984, so maybe it'll be time again in 2045.

Points of interest
Hollywood bowl
San Gabriel Mountains
Mulholland Drive
Venice Canal Historic District
Griffith Observatory
Dodger Stadium
Hollywood Boulevard
The Vincent Thomas Bridge

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Travel Town
The Getty Centre
Museum of Contemporary Art

The San Gabriel Mountains and San Gorgonio Mountain range pretty much surround the city. The Santa Monica Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean, and separate the LA basin from the San Fernando Valley. Other high points include the Baldwin Hills.

Port of Los Angeles Lighthouse

Long Beach port complex / The Port of Los Angeles

The fifth busiest port, Long Beach is an essential hub for traffic on the Pacific Ocean. It handles nearly a trillion dollars of commerce each year, and is situated between Seal beach and San Pedro. Like everything else in LA it is vast, covering approximately eighteen square miles wiki.

Long beach Harbour consists of the Port of Long Beach, and the Port of Los Angeles, but as well as its commercial activities, recreation also plays a major role. One of the best tourist attractions is the permanently moored Queen Many liner; a great sight across the bay.

The Queen Mary was launched in 1934, and for over thirty years is sailed between England and New York dazzling its passengers in fine opulent style; only being replaced in 1967 by the QE2.

Rationing had been a way of life for people after the war, and when introduced to the indulgent American way of life onboard the Queen Mary, large regular meals and snacks between dining times, it presented travellers with a broadened perspective on things.

The vessel was equipped with the now familiar swimming pools, gyms, and cinema. However, back in the forties and fifties to people who had just closed a chapter on hard times, these sort of luxuries must have been incredible.

California coast line  Focus over Santa Barbara

Portside Bridges of interest in LA
Vincent Thomas Bridge
Henry Ford Bridge
Gerald Desmond Bridge
Schuyler F. Heim Bridge

Getting around in LA you need a car, and fortunately the once big smog issues of the past are no longer quite as bad as they were. Without a car the next best option is the Los Angeles Metro Rail system and Subway system, or the well established bus routes which are reliable frequent and widespread, (by far the most used public transport system)

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