Arkansas Map  Focus on Little Rock

The capitol of Arkansas is Little Rock. The state is split between the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, and in the south forest covers much of the territory. Near the Louisiana border, parkland like the Presidential National Wildlife Refuge on Interstate-82 - near Crossett - are areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Points of natural beauty
Scenic Byway in Boxley Valley
Buffalo River Trail at Steel Creek
Arkansas Delta


Lost And Found  An action thriller by Graham James

The state line runs along much of the Mississippi River to the east. In the south is Louisiana where the River Sabine empties into the Gulf of Mexico. West lies Texas and Oklahoma. To the north the metropolitan areas of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Fort Smith are heavily populated, and economically very vibrant.

State Parks, Museums and landmarks of interest
Norfork Dam
Washington Park
Powhatan Park
Davidsonville Park
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art


One of Arkansas’ well-loved sports is fishing. The Norfork water and White River areas benefited greatly from the creation of the Norfork Dam. These are just some of the destinations for trout fishers looking for river or lake sport.

Heber Springs early morning
Popular sailing lake, Arkansas
Google Maps Link of this area
- Heber Springs -
just before sunrise

Air travel and Airports in the state of Arkansas
Clinton National Airport
Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport
Fort Smith Regional Airport
Texarkana Airport