5 March, 2018  

What’s the real picture!

Is the internet just goanna be a blip? (a spike on the time chart) Did it appear briefly in man’s history? There for a decade or so offering enlightenment to those smart enough to grasp the opportunity.

The street survey might go; Which of the following is most appropriate to you.

Q1; Do you use the internet to gain deep knowledge?

Q2; Do you use the internet for general research, or work related study?

Q3; Neither question one or two applies?

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The internet – as we know it – looks like it might be in danger; like it might be about to pull away. Initially the question isn’t whether it’ll disappear altogether, but rather, do the majority plump for the middle ground. It is almost certain that this future ‘middle ground’ would consist of a television and limited internet access combination.
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What a package!    An all in one deal! -

– goes the hype; essentially removing a way in to the full internet for millions. Although thinking about it isn’t this already happening now as Wi-Fi enabled Freesat, and other similar equipment rolls onto the market. ('as we know it')

 As television drifts away from acceptable ways, morally and commercially, for many this has just become another element of a society seemingly intend on self destruction. Why is this the case? It is far too easy to pass the buck and say, without much thought, ‘Oh this is someone else's problem!’ ‘Why should I even care!’

 Perhaps the answer to these and similar questions are ones people in general should have a keener sense of. Perhaps the reason we should care is because by addressing the difficult questions, those concerning the truth about Christianity and the inner spiritual side, we can actually make a difference.

 The vacuum within which this indecency fills our screens is one created by a broad lack of Biblical perception - just like the business of trendy ideas concerning an ever more centralised government - that being a major factor when it comes to sleaze both on screen and off. This is a spiritual matter. At its core television has largely become repugnant, and for this reason we should all strive to care.

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Youtube  - After Watching This You'll Never Trust The Corporate News Again. 33:27

Youtube  - Net Neutrality explained and why it matters. 6:19

  All eyes watch as government Inc’s, Plc’s, Ngo’s and 'Think tanks' thrash out backroom deals to create the future web they want. ‘Obfuscate!’ ‘Secrets back in the box!’

Is this attempt to spoil the internet a hard-line reaction?

Could it be The future wrestling match eager to blockade internet traffic
with taffies and absent net neutrality is a sign of desperation?

For more on the subject of British TV, what it has now become, where it might be heading, and including a spiritual True Christian perspective on this matter, please download listen and share the podcast.
What's The Real Picture - mp3 1:15 ---- Download 34 mbs / Download 17 mbs

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