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The Horizon Trap
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Lost And Found
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On this site you can find book info, purchase links and Equator search - html/css search pages with links to popular search engines. After using a predecessor of the page for years, and finding it pretty useful, I finally built it into the website at the beginning of 2017. It is simple, so as for how long it'll be effective, that means available, is anyone’s guess.

In the future featuring and producing MP3/4 content, various articles and other stuff covering a range of different subjects and formats, are options being considered all the time. It would be nice to say another novel nears completion. Unfortunately, though, this is not so.

My third novel, ‘The Running Day,’ didn’t even get off the blocks – so to speak. The decision to stop the books production was hard, but small in comparison to some of the other reasons standing in the way of further novels right now. The long list of agent/publisher refusals is discouraging. As was core book distributors promising lots but delivering nothing. This could fast turn into another long list, so in summary, it just isn't worth all the effort.

I live in the North West of England, my full name is Graham James Clitheroe. As a true grassroots Christian I am a devoted follower of Jesus. The word Gospel means, Good News, and Jesus told us He is the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6) The Bible also teaches – “No other Name under Heaven can save us.” (John 14:6 / Acts 4:12)

The Bible asks – that we choose life. (Deuteronomy 30:19) It also tells us – For the wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23) We are asked to allow ourselves to be guided into all truths. (John 16:13) All of which sounds like a far better prospect than anything I know on offer here on earth.

Not even the sting of death (1 Corinthians 15:55-7) can have victory over the true Christian, who’s demise here on earth is in fact new birth into the fullness of life; eternal life.

Those who grasp and clutch at self will lose it. Those who let go of self and follow me will find it. Jesus’ message is like a light in the darkness having an unseen source. No matter how much the opposition try to make this enduring 2000 year old universal truth go away, they cannot.

Jesus beat death. He then nailed the laws of man to the cross He was crucified on, saying in effect – follow me to victory over the flesh, “To the Kingdom of God” where there is no more pain or suffering.




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