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Layman's Guide to the English Constitution

A reading of, ‘Layman’s Guide to the English Constitution,’ by Albert Burgess.
In this MP3 I read this small book, which offers a big view into English history.
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Does History Matter?

 It is fair to say the history of England is at times confusing, and violent. There are figures from the past who, for good reason or bad stand out. One thing is certain, some in our present age are determined to disconnect the English from their past, from history, using methods many consider menacing.

 The Bible, and our English Common Law arising from it, are foundational to this nation. As with so many other examples, if something is ignored for long enough it vanishes – gone; never to return. The truth is all we need concern ourselves with. Anything other than the truth must be regarded as wicked.

Graham J. Clitheroe
December 14, 2017


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